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Bookman Lights

Bookman Lights

20,00 €

BOOKMAN Lights are extremely luminous. Thanks to the protruding LEDs you're easily to spot from all angles. They're simple to fit to or remove from the bike, with a super simple elastic cord, so there's no need for unsightly clamps or to use tools. Simply pull the cord around the seatpost or handlebar, and slip it snugly into the groove on the top. BOOKMAN Light works perfectly in all weather conditions. One packet contains two lights, one white LED for in front and one red LED for out back.

Public notice: these lights aren't strictly speaking 'street legal' in Germany, not having a battery level indicator, but hey – so what! They're stylish, they'll do the job of getting you noticed after dark, and as long as you don't ride like a damn fool who's gonna stop you and check, huh?

Manufacturer Bookman
Modes Slow flashing, fast flashing and steady light.
Batteries 2 × CR2032 in each light body.