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Regina 'Futura' boxed set of three sprockets

Regina 'Futura' boxed set of three sprockets

299,99 €

Box set of three ‚Futura‘ 6-speed sprockets, plus a freewheel body and the splined tool for removing the freehub body from the wheel hub. Presented in a wooden box with a plexiglass window in the lid. The components are set into recesses in a molded plastic inner tray, with a red felt finish. The window is finished with the slogan „recommended by GIMONDI“, and the signature of Felice Gimondi. The wooden box is nicely made with tongue and groove corners, has two metal hasp closures, and red FUTURA graphics on the two short sides.

The sprockets themselves are machined from single castings and have been plated with a gold-coloured hard wearing finish. The freehub body features a strong tapered external coil spring, which pushes the sprockets in place against the four retaining grooves. The sprockets can be removed by hand, without any special tools, so it is possible to change sprocket sets by the side of the road!

13-14-15-16-17-18 small sprockets

13-14-15-17-19-21 medium sprockets

14-16-18-20-22-24 large sprockets

Manufacturer Regina